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Welcome to XO holidays

Your holiday is our obsession. We love travelling and when we plan a trip we want to experience something special, because we are going to be on that trip together with you. Why make it a boring and dull event?

Our trips will require a minimum level of skills, and we will have trips 'tailor-made' for different levels of experience. Nature is our office so it is impossible to give you a guarantee, but we work with the local experts to ensure we give you holiday experiences you will never forget.

We believe in running trips that witness the full diversity of what the diving world has to offer. Different seasons hold different events, and we want you to be there when it happens. We want you to experience the XO holiday!

The world is full of experts and we don't pretend to be one for every country we visit, but instead partner with those who are. Our partners are professional, established, reliable and trustworthy companies.

Are you ready to travel the world with us?

Asgeir Solli is the owner of XO holidays, and founded the Norwegian company Solli Diving in 1999. The brand XO holidays was launched in January 2003.

Since he started his diving career in 1995 Asgeir has dived all continents, except Antarctica (which will hopefully soon be rectified!). Dives in places like Sweden, England, Scotland, Mexico, Palau, Yap, Thailand, Burma, Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand, The Red Sea, Galapagos, Belize, Bahamas, South Africa, Malawi and of course Norway, are described in his logbook. During these trips he has built up a lot of experience as to what a good dive holiday should include.

Quote from an interview with Asgeir on P4 (Norwegian National Radio):

"I would never choose to rank dive destinations, because they all have something to offer, but it is no secret that the West coast of Norway is one of my great favourites. It is my firm belief that a diver's life is not complete without a visit to this lovely part of the world. Few places I have been to can compete with the Norwegian nature both under and above water."

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The winner is...
07.12.04 - An exciting trip to the Arctic Norway is waiting for the lucky winner of our competition.

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07.11.04 - Please find our new contact details on the 'contact us' page.

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12.04.04 - 10 happy Brits qualified as ice divers in Arctic Norway. Read more about their week under the Northern Lights riding snow mobiles to the dive sites.