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Norwegian Tour Guarantee Fund (RGF)

XO holidays are members of the Norwegian Tour Guarantee Fund (RGF), which is the equivalent to the ATOL system in the UK. We have put up the required guarantee to secure all customers outlay when participating on holidays/trips organized by us. Our guarantee covers holidays/trips worldwide.

XO holidays are registered under the name Solli Diving. You can find us on the list of organizers here:

Please find the Norwegian Law regulating Package Tour Operations here:

Scope of the Tour Guarantee

Tour Guarantee serves as security for the repayment of a customer's outlay: if a package tour is cancelled, if the organizer becomes involved in debt settlement proceedings or bankruptcy, or if the customer certifies that the claim has been presented to the organizer to no avail. Likewise, tour guarantee serves as security for the repayment of the customer's outlay if the organizer refuses to fulfil the agreement because of unauthorized actions by a person acting on his behalf.

In the event of the termination of the tour en route, the tour guarantee also serves as security for the repayment of that part of the customer's outlay in respect to services not received by him. Further, it serves as security for accommodation costs and other necessary expenses before the return journey can be made. If transport is a part of the package tour, the guarantee will also include expenses necessary for returning the customer to the place of departure or to another place by mutual agreement.

The Tour Guarantee Fund covers only those claims against organizers who have put up the required guarantee.

Procedures for claims against the Tour Guarantee Fund

Claims for compensation under Tour Guarantee must be submitted to the Tour Guarantee Fund within six months of the date on which the package tour should have terminated. If the claim is uncontested, payment shall be made without undue delay. If the claim is contested, no payment shall be made before the dispute has been legally resolved. If there be reason to believe that the claim will exceed the amount of the stipulated guarantee, no payment shall be made until the Fund Board has obtained full details of the claim.

In the event of the termination of the tour en route, the Fund Board may, notwithstanding the provisions of the above paragraph, administer the Guarantee to the extent it deems fit to protect the customers' interests, including returning them to the place of departure or to another place by mutual agreement.

Contact details for the Tour Guarantee Fund

Reisegarantifondet (RGF)
P.O. 227 Sentrum
4001 Stavanger

Tel: +47 51 85 99 40
Fax: +47 51 85 99 31


Online contact form:

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