Ice Diving

Ice Diving in Arctic Norway


NB. The itinerary might be subject to changes

DAY 1 (no diving)

We depart from London, Heathrow at midday and arrive at Kirkenes Airport in the evening. At the airport, a representative from the dive centre will pick us up, and transport us out to Jardfjordbotn (approx. 40 min. by minibus) where a supper is waiting for us.

DAY 2 (2 dives)

After breakfast, we start the day with a test dive in open water to get familiar with gear and the local environment. After a second dive, we start with some theory lessons to prepare ourselves for what we are here for - ice diving.

DAY 3 (2 dives)

Finally the day we have all been waiting for. It is going to be a mentally and physically demanding event, but when you enter bed at night you will have logged your first ice dive in the Arctic!

DAY 4 (1 dive)

An early start brings us under the ice for the third time to complete our training, and you can proudly look forward to receiving your Ice Diver Certification in the post.

After lunch, it is time to explore some of the stunning nature in this area. Huskies will take us into Passvikdalen ("the Passvik Valley") where a lavvo camp is waiting for us. The chef will make us some local food for dinner, while we rest on reindeer skins and get the warmth back around the open fire. This lavvo camp will also provide us with shelter for the night.

DAY 5 (1 dive)

The huskies will take us on a trip around the area, before we head back to the camp and dive the WW2 wreck of Johan Faldbaum, a German cargo ship (under the ice).

DAY 6 (2 dives)

We start the day diving the wreck of Curtis P40, a Russian airplane. After lunch we head further out in the fjord towards the open Barents Sea for a second dive. Depending on the weather several dive sites are available... walls, King Crab or maybe some German military installations from WW2.

DAY 7 (2 dives)

Another day for diving...

DAY 8 (1 dive)

This is our final diving day, and your last chance to enjoy the life under the ice on this trip. In the evening we get dressed for an excursion with snow scooters that take us even further away from civilization, and the lucky ones will also get the chance to drive.

DAY 9 (no diving)

After breakfast, we will pack and head for the airport. The flight to Oslo departs around midday, and we will be back in London approx. 18:30 (local time), after a week that has hopefully given us all some new and exciting experiences!

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17 Feb - 25 Feb


£2,100 (all-inclusive)

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Deposit £210

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Tips, hints and what to bring

Air temp: 0°C to -15°C
Water temp: +6°C to -1°C
Diving depth: 5-35 metres
Visibility: 10-35 metres

Required diving experience