Wreck diving in Narvik, Norway


Diving experience

All the diving in Narvik is in the region of 10-30 metres. You will need to hold a PADI Advanced Open Water certificate or equivalent (e.g. BSAC Sports Diver), with a minimum of 50 logged dives.

If the opportunity arises to participate in dives involving wreck penetration, decompression, or dives deeper than 30 metres (e.g. Hermann Künne), documentation of specialised education and experience will be required.

Diving conditions

The visibility is at its best during autumn and winter time reaching 30+ metres. During the spring and summer (April-July) there are several algae blooms which make the visibility more unpredictable (5-30 metres).

The water temperatures are highest in August/September and will typically be in the range of 6-12°C at depth, whereas during winter it drops to 0-5°C.

Currents are normally not a problem in Narvik, even though you might have some drift at the surface.

Weather conditions

In the summer (June-August) temperatures in this region can reach a pleasant 25-28°C, but may occasionally drop as low as 3°C during the night (remember, this is above the Arctic circle). In the winter (February-April) the temperatures can vary a lot between day and night time, and will typically be between -10°C and +15°C.

Recommended equipment

Most Norwegians dive with dry suits all year round for more comfort at depth where the water temperatures normally are colder than at the surface. We would not recommend a semi-dry unless you mainly do short dives and feel comfortable with it at lower temperatures (se more about diving conditions above).

The most important recommendations are:


  • 7mm Semi-dry or dry suit with thermal clothing (e.g. thinsulate)
  • good quality gloves (3 fingers, 5-7mm)
  • good torch


  • dry suit
  • good thermal clothing (e.g. thinsulate)
  • good quality gloves (3 fingers, 5-7mm) or dry gloves
  • environmental sealed regulators (first and second stage)
  • good torch

Service and spare parts

There are limited facilities available for servicing your equipment. You should consider bringing the following spare parts:

  • backup mask and/or mask strap
  • fin strap
  • knife strap
  • mouth piece (for the regulators)

To service/maintain your equipment during the trip you should consider bringing:

  • anti-fog solution
  • talcum powder
  • zipper lubricant or paraffin wax (not beeswax during winter time)
  • any specialised tools needed to service/maintain your equipment

Equipment rental

To use diving equipment that you are familiar with is important for a safe and relaxed holiday. Unfortunately, most dive centres tend to have fairly basic rental equipment and you have no guarantee that suits and stab jackets fit you.

The best solution is to bring your own equipment, but in case you need to rent we would strongly recommend you do so at your local dive shop. This way you can test it and make sure everything fits and works before you start your trip.

However, if you prefer to rent equipment at the destination, please contact us for availability and rates.

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