Wreck diving in Narvik, Norway

In April 1940, the fjords around Narvik were the scene of one of the most extensive naval battles during the Second World War. During a few days, more than 40 ships were sunk turning Narvik harbour into a gigantic wreck graveyard.

No other location in Norway can offer the same combination of wrecks and history as Narvik, and the remains of the battle are considered to be one of the top wreck diving sites in Europe.

The battle of Narvik

In the early hours of 9 April 1940 the Germans attacked Narvik and occupied the town without any resistance. When the news reached London later in the morning decisions were made to recapture Narvik as soon as possible.

During the following days two major attacks, led by the British Navy, caused severe damage to the German fleet and most of the merchant ships that were unfortunate enough to be in the area. Read more about the battle here ››

World class wrecks

The remains of these battles are today a paradise for wreck loving divers. Even though most of the wrecks were salvaged during and after the war, an impressive selection of wrecks is still present. Where else can you dive three German destroyers in just one dive!?

All diving is subject to permission by the local port authorities and it is strictly prohibited to remove anything from the wrecks. This together with relatively sheltered waters have kept these war memorials in a very good condition making it possible for divers to go back in time and take a first hand look at what happened here more than 65 years ago. Read more about the wrecks here ››

Narvik War Museum

For those interested in history, a visit to the Narvik War Museum is a must. Here you will find lots of information, pictures and artifacts related to the battles and the following years of German occupation.

Unfortunately, some of the information is only written in Norwegian, but if you join the weekly visit arranged by MS Galten they will be happy to assist you with some translation.

The Liveaboard - MS Galten

MS Galten is a 24 metre purpose built diving boat that originally serviced the Swedish navy. She was totally renovated in 1996 and can accommodate 12 guests in four cabins. A large indoor changing area makes it warm and comfortable to get kitted up, and after a long day of diving you can relax in the sauna or watch your favourite film on the TV/DVD.

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