Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) © Arne Eriksen

Killer Whale and wreck diving safari

This liveaboard with MS Galten combines the magnificent Killer Whales with diving on some outstanding wrecks from the Second World War. The safari starts in Narvik and during the week you will sail through some of the most picturesque areas along the Norwegian coastline.

Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) © Arne Eriksen

Hundered of Killer Whales

Every year millions upon millions of silvery herring enter the fjords inside the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway, which attract the largest concentration of Killer Whales on the Planet. During the six-night trip you will spend two days looking for some of the 600-700 individuals that return to this area of Norway each year.

The Killer Whale is the largest species in the dolphin family and is said to be the most widely distributed mammal in the world. They are present in all our seas, but diet and social structure varies between the different populations.

The size of the Killer Whales differ from one area to another, and on average the whales along the Norwegian coastline reach seven metres (males). The sex of a mature individual is easy to identify by the size and shape of the dorsal fin, as the males have a considerably larger fin reaching 1.5 metres. Female Killer Whales on average live for 40-45 years, 10 years longer than males, and typically give birth to five offspring during their reproductive period.

Wreck diver

Wreck diver’s heaven

Narvik may be the most known wreck diving destination in Norway, but the surrounding fjords and Lofoten Islands also offer a wide range of outstanding wrecks. On this trip, we will focus on three WW2 wrecks located between the Vestfjord and the city of Harstad.

The first wreck to be visited is Black Watch, at a diving depth of 18-45 metres. She was commissioned by the Germans in 1943 to serve as headquarters for General Dietl, and was also used as a depot and hotel ship for the German U-boat crews that operated in the North Sea. Just a few hours before the War ended in 1945 she was attacked at anchor outside of Harstad by British Avenger and Wildcat airplanes.

The German steamship Elise Schulte lays with a 50 degree list to port with the stern at 38-40 metres. Even though she was salvaged after the War you can still find a lot of interesting artefacts. At the stern, an anti-aircraft gun and an oak steering wheel make popular photo opportunities.

In good weather conditions the steamship Dronning Maud creates a majestic view and is many divers favourite wreck dive during the trip. She was on a northbound journey with a medical unit for the Red Cross when she was attacked by German airplanes and caught fire. The 75 metre ship stands upright in 33 metres of water.

The Northern Lights

Northern Lights

From late autumn until early spring you can experience nature's own fireworks dancing across the sky. Located several hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands are a prime spot to watch the amazingly colourful Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights occur when large quantities of solar particles collide with the atmospheric gases. Earth's magnetic field guides the particles known as plasma clouds towards the magnetic poles (north and south). The energy from particles colliding are emitted as photons - light particles. In order for humans to see the Northern Lights with the naked eye, about 100 million photons are required.

MS Galten liveaboardThe Liveaboard - MS Galten

The 24-metre MS Galten was originally built to serve the Swedish navy, and in 1996 she was totally renovated to accommodate cold water divers. There are four cabins onboard with space for a maximum of 12 guests (three twin cabins).

A large indoor changing area makes it warm and comfortable to get kitted up, and all diving is normally done directly from the boat (a RIB is used occasionally). After a long day of diving you can relax in the onboard sauna or watch your favourite film on the TV/DVD system.

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