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North Spitsbergen
Polar nature and diving expeditions

The first discoverers setting foot in new Arctic lands must have been astonished by the dramatic scenery and the rich wildlife. Even today, Arctic and the North Atlantic Islands offer some of the last great wildernesses on earth.

Remote and occasionally hostile, these areas are home to large whales, dolphins, seals and countless birds nesting on spectacular cliffs. The Arctic is a place where glaciers mirror the sunset setting fire to mountain tops, and nothing can prepare the traveller for his or her first sight of the indisputable King of the Arctic: the Polar Bear.

This Polar expedition is not only packed with stunning scenery and wildlife amongst snow capped mountains, but also offers divers the opportunity to see colourful ice formations and Arctic marine life from below. If you have the experience and guts required, you can look forward to join an exclusive group of Arctic divers.

2009 - Please contact us for availability

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